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Best Electric Hair Shavers

Nowadays, it is starting to be more affordable and much more convenient for a lot of males to make use of electric powered shavers to switch their standard manual razors.

While the electrical shavers of the past might have left a thing to be desired in conditions of shave speed or smoothness, this is not the situation in today’s current market.

A lot of the very best electric shavers are able to provide you with a shave as near as the very best hand-held security razor and do it a lot more quickly, to boot.

Additionally, there are electrical shavers that are actually ideal in case you’ve skin that is sensitive or perhaps in case you wish to have your shaving to the bathtub exactly where it is going to be most useful.

But finding the best electric shaver is actually trickier than just knowing they are good to have.

That is exactly where this manual comes in; we are able to teach you the very best energy shavers for males and provide you with a number of pointers so you are able to use them properly.

Issues to Consider When Buying an Electric Shaver Before you strike that buy button and get a brand new electric shaver for the bathroom of yours, take a few minutes to consider these basic elements.

They are able to considerably affect the ideal shaver for the face of yours.

1. Foil Vs. Rotary Shaver
Foil shavers make use of, you guessed it, possess a foil over the blades of theirs.

This mild foil forms a barrier which prevents the hairs on the face of yours from mingling with the oscillating blades driven through the shaver motor.

But the foil is definitely pocketed with adjustable sized holes to get your facial hairs separately as you spend the shaver around the face of yours.
After the hairs are actually found by way of the foil, there pulled as much as an upright job (or maybe a straight job, based on just how you consider it).

This can make them perfect for cutting near to the root since they are essentially getting stretched before the blade actually touches the hair.

The cutting blades of a foil shaver oscillate how a blower or maybe lawnmower’s blades action.

This’s considerably different from the way which a rotary shaver’s cutting blades move all over.

Due to this, you have to utilize a foil shaver by transferring it in directly up and down movements rather than curving it around the face of yours or maybe the corners of the jaw of yours.
Foil shavers have a number of benefits which rotary shaver’s absence, and 1 of probably the biggest benefits is actually assisting with the contours on the face of yours.

For a lot of males, they discover that the shave experience of utilizing a foil shaver is actually a great deal gentler.

Because of this, males with skin that is sensitive will most likely do better buying a foil shaver instead of a rotary shaver.

Hairs are actually pulled near the cutting blades by the foil, therefore the blades do not touch the skin of yours.

This method also allows foil shaver in order to be really accurate in the work of theirs as well as to enable you to get an incredibly close shave.
Despite this particular accuracy, foil shavers are quickly compared to rotary shavers or perhaps traditional handheld razors.

We would suggest getting a foil shaver if perhaps you would like to be clean shaven all the time or even have skin that is sensitive.

Foil shavers are also generally a bit quicker compared to rotary shavers.

We will explain why this matters even more below.

Nevertheless, foil shavers will have a couple of disadvantages.

They’re usually louder compared to rotary shavers, though specific models are not really noisy comparatively.

Besides, you cannot make use of a foil shaver inside a circular activity since this stops the hairs from being caught by the foil most efficiently.

This limitation is able to help make it a bit more stressful for you to successfully shave the hairs on the chin of yours or perhaps around the corners of the jaw of yours.

You might have to go a couple of times or even spend some more seconds on these acne to shave them properly.

Rotary shavers are actually the second important type.

They make use of one major head with 3 small sized revolving heads positioned at equidistant spots.

Collectively, all 3 heads create a triangular shape that is well positioned to shave huge areas of the face of yours all the exact same time.
This particular kind of shaver works by boasting collections which allow hair to fall via towards the blades driven by the motor.

These cutting blades cut the hair quite in close proximity to the skin, and also sometimes might very carefully scrape the epidermis itself.

Because of this, males with skin that is sensitive might prefer foil shavers alternatively.

But there is no questioning that Rotary shavers also can create a great close shave.

Due to the design of theirs, Rotary shavers are fantastic for cutting tangling or thick hair.

Men whose facial hair has a tendency to get back again really quickly is going to appreciate just how helpful a rotary shaver is actually at clearing away all the scruff of theirs.

Because you are able to go a rotary shaver in almost any guidance or maybe orientation, tangled hair which does not stand up straight will not be a problem.

Feel free to make use of a rotary shaver within circular motions or maybe carry it around to the sides of your chin or jaw for smooth shaving.
Rotary shavers are also significantly quieter compared to foil shavers.

This may be beneficial in case you need to do your shaving before many other folks wake up.

Nevertheless, rotary shavers will have a couple of disadvantages.

They cannot provide you quite the identical closeness of shave as being a foil shaver can easily. They might leave a small bit of stubble behind in specific scenarios.

Due to this, you might have to tidy up the last bit of facial or stubble hair and have a hand razor soon after making use of your rotary shaver.

Also, rotary shavers’ heads do not allow for exactly the same accuracy afforded by way of a foil shaver.

You cannot accurately trim the sideburns of yours in the exact same way, therefore males that want sculpting frequently will not find Rotary shavers sexy.

General, neither kind of electric powered shaver is always a lot better than the other.

They both match objectives and goals different and may be much better for you based on the kind of face hair you grow.

We would break down the perfect uses for both kinds as follows:
Smooth shave: foil
Rough hair: rotary
Sensitive skin: foil
Tougher skin: rotary
Sides of this face: rotary
Precision sculpting: foil two. Cordless or corded
cordless or corded The following main aspect to remember when searching for electric shavers is actually whether they’re corded or perhaps cordless.

Many modern electric shavers are actually corded for some degree; they’ve a lithium ion battery which is actually charged using a corded charger, plus as soon as they’ve adequate electric juice they are able to operate uninterruptedly until they have to charge once again.

Corded doesn’t imply that the shaver is completely connected to a wire that you will need to navigate around that inside a cramped bathroom.

Corded electric shavers will be unplugged through their charging towards once they’re complete or perhaps in case you have to wear them with a half charged battery anyway.

Even though many businesses promote the shavers of theirs as “cordless” in case they do not have to be plugged inside the whole time, this’s a tad misleading.

Nearly nobody makes electric shavers that has got to be continually plugged in these times.

Though a few power shavers run completely off disposable power packs, and these’re what we think about “cordless.”

These may be choices that are great in case you have to get your electric shaver along with you on a business trip or even often traveling.

Though the downside is the fact that you’ll always have to buy extra batteries over the way of life span of one’s selected shaver.

The drawback to corded electric shavers is you may encounter a situation in which you forget to plug the shaver within following the electric battery has been drained.

With this circumstance, you may have to shave the face of yours, but be trapped in a pickle since the shaver of yours will stubbornly refuse to begin.

Once more, there is not always a single better option for all males.

It will depend on your preferences or needs.

We’d suggest that males searching for a dependable home electric shaver that they will use every day or even fairly frequently must get a corded edition.

Meanwhile, males that travel a great deal and are searching for a lightweight facial hair shaving device might have a cordless electric shaver or even make use of a corded edition too.

3. Battery Life
Battery Life
The following essential factor to remember is battery life.

Be aware that this is applicable to both cordless and corded versions of electric shavers.

When you are looking for corded electrical shavers, battery life describes the quantity of exercise they can carry out without being plugged into the charger of theirs.

Basically, this specific battery life dictates the amount of uses you are able to enjoy before you have to plug it in once again.

Regardless of what the electric battery life is actually, you need to actually plug your corded electrical shaver in when it is not being used.

By getting into this particular habit, you will stay away from ever operating into the unfortunate circumstance we described above, in which you seriously have to shave however, your faithful shaver just does not have the power to do the task.

The electric battery life associated with a cordless shaver just describes just how long you are able to make use of the shaver before you have to upgrade its disposable batteries.

Obviously, better battery life is actually much better since you will have to buy fewer batteries in the long haul.

We would suggest keeping an extra pair of batteries in close proximity to the shaver itself within all times if the device operates out of energy at an inopportune time.

4. Waterproof?
Whether or perhaps not your electric shaver is actually waterproof is yet another crucial item to think about.

Technically, there are actually 3 possible ways in which the shaver can be: water-resistant, water resistant, or perhaps neither.

Waterproof suggests that the shaver could be completely submerged in h2o up to a particular number of foot (usually around ten or perhaps so) without becoming harmed both externally or internally.

Most electric shavers do not have to be water-resistant unless you intend to wear them in the tub for some reason, though it is a very helpful aspect to have since this means that accidentally dropping them right into a sink filled with water will not end up in you wanting to buy a brand new shaver.

Water-resistant suggests that the shaver could be used properly in the bath or even get damp from the sink with no trouble.

This’s generally completed by a water resistant casing which surrounds the fragile electronic circuitry or maybe motor inside the deal with.

A water resistant shaver is exactly what you need to be for in many cases.

This’s because shaving in the bathtub is actually the preferred way for many males because of its improvements and convenience to effectiveness.

We will explain even more about why shower shaving is actually the solution to visit later in the guidebook.

Last but not least, several power shavers are actually neither waterproof nor water resistant.

Although this is not always a deal breaker, it does suggest you’ve to utilize the shaver outside the bath and must stay away from getting unnecessary water on it at all the costs.

Note that in cases that are many, these shavers can continue to have their heads rinsed below the sink.

Though you are going to have to be careful not to abandon the handle sleeping on a damp countertop unless you wish to take a chance of the performance of the shaver of yours.

4. Speed
The velocity of your electrical shaver matters also.

This’s a somewhat easy metric to notice since nearly all models advertise the top speeds of theirs on the package or perhaps on the website page of theirs.

Electric shaver speed is often assessed in cycles per CPM or minute.

This describes the number of occasions the cutting blades shift per second, along with a greater number translates straight to a closer shave.

Thus, a greater CPM usually means a much faster shave that’s smoother compared to the competition.

It’s obvious that you need to always attempt to locate an unit of electric shaver which has as substantial a CPM rating as is possible.

An excellent benchmark to attempt to look for is actually around 14,000 CPM, as well as the same benchmark is true when you wish to purchase the very best electric razor.

This’s a regular standard that a lot of the very best energy razors for males meet.

Nevertheless, it is also okay to make use of electric powered razors which go a share below this benchmark, so very long as the different facets of the device make up because of it.

Besides, a greater CPM rating doesn’t always translate to more important razor burn capability for irritating skin that is sensitive.

Whether your shaver is actually a foil or perhaps rotary type matters a lot more.

Eight Best Electric Shavers of 2020 one. Braun Series seven 790cc 4 Electric Foil Shaver
Braun Series seven 790cc 4 Electric Foil Shaver This electrically charged shaver has superb speed and also allows for additional personalization via its programmable shaving modes.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Foil
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: fifty minutes
Waterproof: Yes
Speed: 40,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s a great option for males with skin that is sensitive, or perhaps for males that like having an organized and clean bathroom countertop.

Main Features
This foil electric-powered shaver is commercially not corded because you will not find a power cable which plugs into the device whatsoever.

Rather, you will notice that the shaver is based on a neat and charge station from that it derives its electric power.

The fee station does use a cable to plug into any simple outlet, though the absence of a strong cable which links into the shaver itself will help keep your countertop neat and organized.

Additionally, it provides the shaver a handy area to sleep when it is not being used.

It is able to keep going for fifty minutes on a complete battery and just requires one hour to demand to complete strength.

This’s a fantastic run time period to demand time ratio.

Its head uses revolutionary ActiveLift trimming blades that are working as part of tandem together with the foil top to gain even the flattest face hairs and stay away from possibly leaving any behind.

This concept is actually superb for ensuring that each shave is as smooth as they can.

You are able to pick between 5 personalized shaving modes.

This’s ideal for males with skin that is sensitive, that are able to prioritize gentleness overpower with the touch of a switch.

Despite not becoming a Rotary shaver, this particular model’s head is able to go in 8 different directions.

This will give it virtually unparalleled contouring capability in the foil shaver industry.

The shaver uses 3 reducing blades in tandem with just one another; several of the blades are actually specialized for cutting hair that is short while others are much better for cutting longer and thicker hair.

It is also hundred % waterproof, as be at liberty to draw in the bath or perhaps perhaps the bathtub and never have to be concerned about destroying it.

Overall, this’s an excellent solution that’s just restricted by its high selling price.

We’d suggest it for males that need the very best of probably the best who do not care about having to pay a bit of extra.

Take a look at the thousands of consumer reviews right here on Amazon.


Excellent, flexible head
Great cost to runtime ratio
Plenty of modes for skin that is sensitive

A little pricey two. Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100
Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 2100 This very affordable shaver will be able to get the task finished as well as provides for both rotary flexibility as well as the accuracy of a pop up trimmer.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Rotary
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: thirty five minutes
Waterproof: No
Speed: 12,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s ideal for males that would like an inexpensive rotary electric shaver that should offer very good value irrespective of cost.

Main Features
This’s a more cost-effective electric shaver than the previous.

Despite this substantial fall in cost, our testers discovered it was still very efficient at shaving actually the more challenging hairs on the facial skin because of its effective rotary style as well as 10,000 CPM speed.

The shaver uses self sharpening blades which will keep going for a while to come.

Each of the 3 heads will flex in 4 directions.

This enables it to very easily contour with the face of yours and clean up the sides of your chin or jaw without a great deal of sweat.

This enables the rotary shaver being among the superior picks for becoming tangled hairs across the trouble spots in the task in comparison with other versions.

This shaver also offers a pop up trimmer.

This alleviates 1 of the primary flaws of the rotary style shavers since you are able to make use of the pop up trimmer to condition the sideburns of yours easily.

Cleaning the shaver is a breeze too. Just touch the button put on the handle to open up the mind for rinsing below a faucet.

Nevertheless, since that unit is not water resistant or maybe waterproof, you do have to be cautious not to get far too much water into the electric areas inside the handle.

The other primary drawback to this particular unit is the fact that it only lasts for aproximatelly thirty five minutes before it has to relax.

This’s a bit of low when in contrast to the industry standard format, though it is still manageable, and you need to be plugging it in anytime it is not used, anyway.

Altogether, it has among the very best rotary shavers if you would like a formidable budget design which may take care of company without having to break the bank.

Take a look at the thousands of consumer reviews right here on Amazon.


Great pop up trimmer
Easy to clean

Not water-resistant
Low battery time three. Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
Panasonic Arc5 Electric Razor
This foil electrically charged shaver has a great deal of electrical advantages and exciting innovations, like an LED screen.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Foil
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: forty minutes
Waterproof: Yes
Speed: 70,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s ideal for men looking for the very best of the greatest; it’s probably the fastest speed of an electrical shaver we have seen, therefore it is ideal for males that love to get probably the closest shaves possible.

Main Features
This high performance foil electric shaver is an excellent model of innovative engineering coupled with wise design.

Right from the start, you will observe the LED screen on the deal with.

This indicates the amount battery life you’ve left, along with a fully charged battery usually lasts for aproximatelly forty minutes before it has to be plugged in.

Directly above the LED screen is actually the individual power button which initializes the unit motor.

This shaver utilizes a highly effective engine having a linear drive, providing it enough juice to work for rates of speed of 70,000 CPM.

The closeness of shave that you simply are able to have on this product should not be understated.

Despite being a foil sort, this particular shaver boasts an adaptable and pivoting mind which enables you to make challenging slides and sweeps across the face of yours, assisting you to get the corners of the jaw of yours although it cannot move in circular movements.

The shaver has a pop up trimmer that enables you to detail your mustache or sideburns quickly.

The shaver is actually waterproof and ideal for using in the shower.

Overall, this’s among probably the highest performance and more complex versions you will discover on the market. Naturally, that does explain why the cost is fairly high.

Though we would still suggest it for males that want one of the very best foil shavers that will certainly take a great deal of quickness to bear on the facial hair of theirs.

Take a look at the thousands of consumer reviews right here on Amazon.


Great Speed
Pivoting, flexible head
Includes pop up trimmer

A bit costly four. Aesfee Electric Shaver for Men
Aesfee Electric Shaver for Men This rotary shaver does not have probably the best overall speed, though it is able to demand through USB ports and possesses a few excellent additions, like a traveling lock.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Rotary
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: sixty minutes
Waterproof: Yes
Speed: 10,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s an excellent shaver option for males that travel often and who might make use of a financial budget electric shaver to get along with them.

Main Features
This’s another outstanding budget Rotary shaver which, despite the low price of its, brings a great deal of value to each male’s bathroom cabinet.

First of all, it is the very first design which utilizes a USB charger rather than a conventional plug to charge its lithium ion battery pack.

This can make it an excellent option for males that are often on the move since they are able to charge the shaver of theirs from any regular USB port.

That is a great deal of possible charging locations!

Additionally, it charges up in a single hour, then simply offers one hour of usage.

That is a higher ratio.

The shaver uses 3 floating cutter heads and self sharpening metal blades.

These will retain the edge of theirs for a lot longer than other rotary shavers and keep their close cutting power for a rather long time to come.

Although it is cheap, this specific shaver also has a traveling lock feature to stop the shaver from unintentionally being switched on while in transit.

This could possibly help save you from wasting the battery power.

The screen beneath the power switch also has reminders which light up if the shaver is calling out for maintenance.

The shaver is additionally water-resistant across its whole body and also boasts a pop up trimmer for contouring as well as detailing.

That is a great deal of value for a tiny, little shaver that you are able to get for much less than several of its competitors.

The largest drawback facing the unit is its fairly slower speed.

While it is still able to offer you a good shave, you might have to take the time of yours when going across your face to make sure it’s the seconds necessary to trim each unique hair accurately.

This may be a little of a bummer in case you are already in a rush.

But in general, we would still feel at ease recommending this shaver for males on the action.


Good for traveling
Really affordable
Tremendous value for money

Somewhat low cutting speed five. VENYN 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Shaver
VENYN 4-in-1 Rechargeable Electric Shaver This rotary shaver provides extra connection heads, enabling you also to trim the nose of yours as well as ear hair, detail or maybe contour your mustache or sideburns, and scrub the skin of yours with a revolving comb.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Rotary
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: sixty minutes
Waterproof: Water-Resistant
Speed: 12,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s a fantastic shaving process for males who might use a flexible tool which can achieve a great deal of many facial hair goals all from the same main unit.

Main Features
This 4-in-1 electrically charged shaver is truly a bargain.

Its main product operates at a regular 12,000 CPM optimum speed and is actually water resistant so you are able to get it to the shower with no issue.

It runs for sixty minutes after simply being fully charged, that is actually good when compared to several more expensive versions.

The primary rotary shaver unit includes 4 distinct attachable heads.

Each of them is actually made with hundred % stainless steel.

This and make use of the steel with anticorrosive features as well as makes them retain the sharpness of theirs for much longer compared to other steel types.

The many other heads feature a precise trimmer that enables you to contour or maybe detail components of the beard of yours with great ease, a nose trimmer which may make you tackle nose or maybe ear hair that is making you appear gnarly, along with a rotary brush.

The rotary brush is superb for exfoliating and cleaning the face of yours.

This could make the skin appear younger than previously and make your skin pores feel open and rejuvenated.

All the provided heads make this one of the more useful electric shavers you are able to purchase.

What is more effective is you are able to get this for a reduced asking price, therefore it is a great option for guys attempting to work up a set of excellent skin hygiene tools.

In terms of drawbacks, there is not much to speak about.

The handle is actually formed a little oddly, and this might have a bit getting used to, though it might actually become ergonomic when your hand will become utilized to the arc.

Besides, the motor is actually a bit louder compared to our testers had been utilized to, but the two flaws are ultimately small when compared to the outstanding advantages that this particular shaver is able to provide some male.


Really versatile
Heads are not hard to switch
Stainless steel blades

A little loud
Odd handle shape six. SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver
SweetLF 3D Rechargeable IPX7 Electric Shaver This rotary electrically charged shaver has one of the very best battery lives we have already seen and can certainly possibly be bought on a budget.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Rotary
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: 120 minutes
Waterproof: Yes
Speed: 25,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s an excellent electric shaver option for males that often forget to plug the shaver of theirs in when it is not inside use; with the huge battery capacity, the risks of you operating out of strength at an inopportune moment are actually low.

Main Features
This cool blue shaver is yet another outstanding example of a budget item that practically every male is able to appreciate.

Despite its great asking price, it takes a great deal to the table that the testers of ours truly appreciated.

The shaver is actually USB fast charging, therefore you are not restricted to basic power outlets to buy the battery going.

As soon as it is fully charged, you are able to delight in 120 minutes of shave before it has to be charged once again.

This’s a much greater battery capacity than majority of other electric shavers may even dream of.

When coupled with the USB charging layout, it has among the very best picks you are able to make in case you travel often.

It is also completely water-resistant, and you are able to make use of this in the bathtub with no worry.

The shaver includes a pop up trimmer to enable detailing just contouring of the sideburns or maybe the mustache of yours.

The primary rotary head uses four directional floating heads to offer its cutting effort.

These blades are actually run by a peaceful but high speed motor which is not likely to irritate you with constant, nonstop buzzing when you shave.

In addition, they’re self sharpening and make use of a double track cutter to boost the quantity of room to cut every 2nd.

There is an LED screen near the bottom part of the handle to allow you to know when you are intending to work out of battery, also.

That is a great deal of stuff that is great for a fairly low product.

Will there be any downsides?

The largest factor holding the shaver returned is its family member roughness.

The blades are likely to irritate or perhaps irritate the skin mildly, therefore we would suggest against buying this particular unit in case you’ve skin that is sensitive at all.


Great asking price
Pop-up trimmer
Great battery life

A bit rough on very sensitive skin seven. Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver
Panasonic Hybrid Wet Dry Shaver
This foil electrically charged shaver has a distinctive onboard computer which guarantees probably the smoothest shave imaginable regardless of what length your stubble presently is.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Foil
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: fifty minutes
Waterproof: Water-resistant
Speed: 13,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s the perfect option for males which shave their stubble at different times throughout the week or maybe month; the laptop or computer is able to deal with some length discrepancies and also works great for both dry and wet shaves.

Main Features
This foil electric shaver utilizes a smart shave sensor which recognizes some natural differences or maybe deviations within the density of your stubble and beard.

This enables the onboard computer to immediately change the level of the foil to ensure that it is able to record the individual hairs of yours with excellent effectiveness and speed.

The outcome?

You will have a supersmooth damp shave every moment regardless if you shave at the exact same time every week.

The 3 precision blades utilized by this electric shaver is able to cut through even heavy or maybe thick hair with no issue.

They are assisted by ultrathin ARC foils which regularly capture your beard hair each time, even in case your hair leans in crooked or awkward positions.

They’re driven by way of a 13,000 CPM linear engine drive which may maintain constant speed even in case your battery is actually running on fumes.

Speaking of electric battery, you receive fifty minutes of life for just one total charge.

This battery runs both the motor as well as the LED display which shows the gadget’s battery daily life.

Though the true worth of the shaver comes with its 2 comb attachments.

These attachments let you trim your mustache or beard and effectively eliminate the main weakness of the electrical shaver.

No longer do you’ve to just use this particular tool for stubble or even getting a sleek shave.

By clicking on whichever of the 2 attachments, you are able to keep the beard of yours at the best length or perhaps trim it down very easily before going for a sleek shave.

This shaver is water resistant for use in the bath and has a pop up trimmer so you are able to further contour or maybe detail different sections of the facial hair of yours.

You are able to trigger this accuracy trimmer with an one-time flick of the finger of yours; it has been honed to a 45° direction to cut through hair style with complete ease.

The battery life might be a bit much better for this particular product, and the motor is actually probably the fastest we have seen, but both small flaws do not truly knock down the majority of the shaver.

Our testers believe it is an excellent option in case you go between aquiring a beard and enjoying a clean shaven face all of the time.


Can cut beards or perhaps stubble equally well
Great blades and foils
Smart shaving sensor

Speed and battery might be much better offered the cost eight. Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver
Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver
This foil electric shaver is actually a simplistic design which lacks a great deal of skilled gizmos, though it also gets the task finished and may be bought for an inexpensive price.

Foil or perhaps Rotary: Foil
Cordless or corded : Corded
Battery Life: sixty minutes
Waterproof: No
Speed: 10,000 CPM Who’s It Best For?
This’s a great option for males that do not like a great deal of additional features or maybe additions, but that still require a reliable shaver which can provide results every time.

Main Features
This Remington shaver is a basic application that males that like only the fundamentals will appreciate.

The handle is not difficult to grip & ergonomic and has long been rubberized which means you are able to keep it without slipping even in case your hand is actually wet.

Nevertheless, this particular unit is not waterproof, so be cautious when cleaning it underneath the sink.

It uses foils which have Intercepting Shaving Technology.

This pre trims longer hair that they may come into touch with, making it much easier to shave smaller hairs and attain a great smooth shave as the final result.

The head are able to pivot and flex for some degree so you’re able to trace the advantage of the jaw of yours, though it is not quite as helpful as the job associated with a rotary shaver.

There is also a pop up trimmer that enables you to place the finishing touches on your mustache or sideburns.

Both are actually run by a motor which may run for sixty minutes after simply being fully charged.

Nevertheless, the motor primarily runs at aproximatelly 10,000 CPM, that is a bit of low when in comparison to the competition.

It is easy, simplistic, and affordable to work with.

Our testers found in a lot more complex electric shavers, however, if every one of those appear to be a bit too busy or perhaps complex, then this particular shaver may be a good option for the preferences of yours.

Take a look at the thousands of consumer reviews right here on Amazon.


Easy to hold
Good run to demand time ratio

Not a quick motor
Not water-resistant
Often Asked Questions About Electric Shavers
Often Asked Questions
Now you have got a quality brand new electric shaver (or at the very least understand where to begin looking), you may have a few persistent questions about how you can wear them properly for best results.

We are able to respond to those for you correctly here.

1. How Should I Shave with Electric Shavers?

2. Can I Dry Shave with An Electric Shaver?

3. Can an Electric Shaver Take Care of a Beard?

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